Chat Randomness that might spark the fog

Posted on November 18, 2016

Extra tea pot noses?  Maybe a mouse or a spider have moved in

Maybe we should send a cat to the corner so you can sneeze your way out

Maybe the allergy fog will give you some nice ideas

Mrs. Kitty and the plotbunnies dance with the Mad Hatter

Will they dance on a tea pot or tea cup?

Will they dance on a cake as they eat through it?

Will they dance until the music stop?

Will they dance until the moon sets?

Will they dance with mice?

Will they dance with hearts?

Foggy Foggy might be hiding the way out of the corner. Or a hick-up?

Ms. Kitty kitty chased the plotbunnies down the overweight plothole.

The bunnies found a ball of catnip and got Ms. Kitty kitty tipsy

The tipsy Ms. Kitty kitty then ran down the hole to find some more but got stuck

So the roaster went to wake the doggy to chase Ms. kitty kitty out of the hole. But he could not wake the doggy.

They had to get the rainbow to bring the blue birds to help

The blue birds’ sad songs made the doggy cry and wake up.

The doggy chased the cat out of the hole and through the house.

The cat made a hole through three walls and the mouse and spider from Ashe’s moved in to make some tea.

The tea made Jam jump from the corner and race to the kitchen. After a good cup of tea, her characters began to talk

Or whine. Or whatever.


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