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Amy Keeley

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I write fantasy of all kinds and space opera here and there. Would like to write more.

My Favorite Books

The Last Unicorn (Peter S. Beagle), Small Gods (Terry Prachett), just about anything by M.C.A. Hogarth (so far), Foundation Series (Isaac Asimov), a wide variety of short stories by Gene Wolfe, Mairelon the Magician and Magician's Ward (Patricia Wrede), Shafter (Margaret McGaffey), A Song of Fire and Ice (books #1-3, G.R.R. Martin), In the Shadow of Giants (Lazette Gifford), Enchanted Inc. (Shanna Swendson), Sebastian and the The Others series (Anne Bishop), Kristine Grayson's early fantasy romances, The Elven Lords series (Kathryne Kennedy), and a wide, wide assortment of manga. I love manga!