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Goals: Week of 12/11 to 12/17

December 18, 2017 in User Posts

I kept getting stopped these past two weeks. Sometimes, well, just because something didn’t feel right. Other times because what I wanted to do couldn’t really be done, or done to the fullest, without something else coming before.

Last night I realized what it was: my online ecosystem.

Everything I do all points back to the website and the reader ecosystem I want to create there. All promotions will have a boost by having that strong website foundation. My long-term business strategy hinges on it.

And the website needs a huge amount of work.

So, today I’m stepping back and refocusing for December and January. The only two jobs that really REALLY matter are the writing, and building that foundational website with its reader ecosystem. Everything else needs to be put off. *IF* I do anything else in the business plan then it will be a bonus, but not a focus.

I’m still in the process of breaking it all down to small steps. However, I did get a few things done, or at least started:

Put in footer of webpages the affiliate notice. DONE with main website. The other will happen when I switch focus to it.

Review Themes, and choose 1 to move forward with. DONE

Install book display widget. DONE

Populate book display widget with all books. IN PROGRESS. With 50+ items, this one will take a while.

Week of 10/30-11/5

November 6, 2017 in User Posts

Time to get started on my ‘new year’, which started with the Master Class. 😛
  • Write 15k – Only 2k. Need to step it up.
  • Write new business plan – In Progress
  • Close Xinxii account. Contacted 11-1-17 – In Process
  • Update business pricing chart – DONE
  • Update vendors with new ebook prices – In Progress
  • Run 1 promotion (Kobo, AZ, BB…) – DONE

One thing that isn’t on the list is research and reviewing Master Class notes. That will be happening for a long time.

2017 Writing/Revision Tracking Spreadsheet

January 10, 2017 in Productivity, User Posts

To start off the new year in the right direction, I have updated the yearly Writing and Revision Tracking Spreadsheet.

This format is a little different than before. Instead of separate tabs for the writing and revision, this time it’s been combined into one single tab. I’ve been using it for the past year and like having both were I can see them in one glance.

Another post soon on the other big project I’ve been working on.

So, go! Write and revise!

View every word forward as a triumph.

All spreadsheets are available on my Writing Freebies page.

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August 13, 2016 in Featured

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