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What Are Challenge Points?

Posted on October 22, 2016

Ever wonder what those points at the top of each user profile mean?

They are challenge points, earned by participating in challenges and awarded at different levels of accomplishment. In the case of the profile points, this line lists the challenge points earned for the last 30 days.

For instance, for the word count challenge a writer earns an additional point for each Warp Speed level achieved per day. Example:

  • 110 words per day = 1 challenge point (Impulse .5)
  • 250 words per day = 2 challenge points (Warp 1)

The only writing challenges that don’t have earned tiered points are the publishing and submission challenges. The most that can be earned with them is 1 challenge point per day, hence the note on them to record only one per day so that you earn the maximum number of challenge points.

Along with the various writing challenge leaderboards, there are also challenge point leaderboards for the total points earned from all participated challenges.

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