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    Connie Cockrell - "Am working on a non-fiction book, How to Organize a Book Festival. I’m liking it!"View
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    Ashe Elton Parker - "I’ve loaded the To-Do with tasks I intend to have done by the 28th. We’ll see just how long I stick with this thing. 😛"View
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    Chris - "New WordPress, The Smoking Pun, finally has something resembling substantive content! Scope it here, if you’re so inclined:"View
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    NPhoenix - "Checkin the site out with my iphone. It seems to work."View
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    JDDyer - "In a creative slump. Haven’t been meeting my writing goals. I have been brushing up on programming but I have yet to *do* anything with the concepts learned. It’s like learning letters, words and sentences and […]"View
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    S.L. Lewis - "Go, Lauren. Working on my words and getting things done. It’s taking time but I can do it. Only 6 more chaps until the end of this novel."View
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    Writergirl04 - "After a sluggish writing month in December, I’m back to more steady writing."View
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