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    Ashe Elton Parker

    The Leaderboard drop-down confuses me. I know DC cleaned it up a bit, but it’s still too busy for me. I frequently click on the wrong thing when I’m trying to hit a specific board. My suggestion is to clean it up further. For instance, move all the wordcount links into a secondary dropdown menu under “Wordcount Challenges” in the main menu. I’d like to suggest alphebetizing the boards (English) too, but I think DC might ban me if I were serious in such a suggestion. LOL

    (Honestly, the Leaderboard menu gives me a teensy tiny bit of anxiety whenever I open it.)

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    Dreamers Cove

    Actually, I did alphabetize them not long ago. 😛 The only one that isn’t is the “Archived Leaderboards” submenu.

    You can also get to the individual leaderboards using the links that are now in the description of each challenge. I thought that would be convenient for users, as they would update their challenges under “My Challenges” a lot anyway.

    I’ll think about the idea of putting all the word count challenges in a submenu. Problem is I would really like to keep the most-used challenges under the main menu instead of moving them to a submenu. Right now, the word count challenge is the most used challenge.

    Here I am. I think.

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      Ashe Elton Parker

      Ah, Okay. I see what you mean.

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