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      Daphne Lang

      Do you remember when you were a kid? Do you remember when you had an ideal who you liked the most and wanted to know as much as stuff as you want about him/her , As a freelance writer meeting interesting people is one of the perks of my job. And memoirs are especially interesting to me because there are usually writing fascinating stories from people who have done cool things. Plus, memoir ghostwriting is a great experience you often get to travel many new places in order to meet the subject of the book by taking an interview of him/her. Before you jump into this field, it’s important to understand that it can be extremely frustrating to ghostwrite a memoir. Do you believe is this an interesting way to know about someone?

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      The only reason you should cite sources is if you could be implicated by not doing so, say you accuse someone, or an organisation of something, then you would have to provide at sources or you could get in trouble.

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      James William

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