What is Writing Groove?

Writing Groove is a site for writers who love to write! Despite the love, sometimes it’s difficult to get motivated, especially when we are exhausted by Real Life. Or perhaps events in Real Life have derailed your good writing habits.

Maybe we can help!

Here at Writing Groove, you can join in various types of writing challenges. Connect with other authors. Read articles about productivity and tips for moving forward. Chat in real time with writers from around the world.


  • Writing challenges based on word counts, chapters/scenes, pages, time spent, publishing short and long works, and so on
  • Writing challenges for various time-frames (yearly, monthly, and so on)
  • Leaderboards for all of the above, refreshed every few minutes.
  • Points earned for participating in challenges
  • Progress statistics
  • Edit past progress
  • Export CSV file of challenge entries
  • See how your friends and other users are doing in their challenges by visiting their profiles
  • Personalized user profiles
  • Friends feature
  • User blog feature
  • User messaging
  • Articles on progress, productivity, getting over story-block, and more
  • Live writer chat (via Forward Motion for Writers*)
  • Writer forum (via Forward Motion for Writers*)

And what is this about writing challenges?

We provide many different types of challenges to help push you towards moving forward. Do you want to track your progress using word count? No problem! How about count of scenes, chapters, submissions, or something else that is count-related? We have that, too! Do you prefer to track by time? Oh yeah, we have that, as well. Short-duration writing-related marathons? Um, what do you think?

Join in!

Registration is free. Participate in the challenges is free! No excuses. Come join in the fun and get your Writing Groove on!


*Writing Groove a companion site to the long-running writing site “Forward Motion for Writers “.