• New Chat Upgrade by Dreamers Cove

    The old chat had some nice features that I, and others, liked. However, it ate system resources like you wouldn’t believe. Think teenager after a sports even who also had a hollow leg. And then double or triple it. Nothing I tried seemed to rein it in.

    Something had to be done.

    Easier said than done. I tried a lot of alternatives. Spent days on research. Most either used the same amount of resources, weren’t coded well, were well out of date (R.I.P. X7Chat. I still love you. Who knows, someday I might find a way to bring you back from the dead.). Others were far too expensive. We have a good group of chatters here, which meant the good free alternatives were out, as we simple have too many people chatting at a time.

    Like I’m going to complain about that. Writing can be a lonely thing. Having other writers to chat with means the world to me, and I think it means the same to the others members here. Long live word wars and 100-word jumps!

    After much searching, I found a possible alternative. The new chat is now live on the chat page! At the moment it’s not tied to the user database here, but someday I’m hoping that will be possible. Even though it isn’t, you do not need to register anywhere to use it. However, doing so will allow you to do such things as upload an avatar, more user settings, and the ability of customizing your smileys. It’s your choice! The developers have been rather regular with updates, upgrades, new features, and new smileys.

    Let me know what you think of it.

    Have fun chatting and writing!

  • 2017 Writing/Revision Tracking Spreadsheet by J.A. Marlow

    To start off the new year in the right direction, I have updated the yearly Writing and Revision Tracking Spreadsheet.

    This format is a little different than before. Instead of separate tabs for the writing and revision, this time it’s been combined into one single tab. I’ve been using it for the past year and like having both were I can see them in one glance.

    Another post soon on the other big project I’ve been working on.

    So, go! Write and revise!

    View every word forward as a triumph.

    All spreadsheets are available on my Writing Freebies page.

  • January 2017 Challenge by Dreamers Cove

    In many places around the world it is tradition to set goals for the upcoming year. Why not make one concerning your writing? So, here is the January Writing Groove Challenge:

    Average Warp One of new material

    This equals:

    • 250 words per day
    • 2 chapters/scenes per day
    • 2 pages a day
    • 22 minutes per day (.37)

    Choose one, choose more than one, the choice is up to you! Post how you are doing as you go along so your fellow writers can root you on.

    Now, go have fun with your writing!

  • What Are Challenge Points? by Dreamers Cove

    Ever wonder what those points at the top of each user profile mean?

    They are challenge points, earned by participating in challenges and awarded at different levels of accomplishment. In the case of the profile points, this line lists the challenge points earned for the last 30 days.

    For instance, for the word count challenge a writer earns an additional point for each Warp Speed level achieved per day. Example:

    • 110 words per day = 1 challenge point (Impulse .5)
    • 250 words per day = 2 challenge points (Warp 1)

    The only writing challenges that don’t have earned tiered points are the publishing and submission challenges. The most that can be earned with them is 1 challenge point per day, hence the note on them to record only one per day so that you earn the maximum number of challenge points.

    Along with the various writing challenge leaderboards, there are also challenge point leaderboards for the total points earned from all participated challenges.

    Current Month
    Previous Month
    Current Year

  • We’re on Twitter! by Dreamers Cove

    Writing Groove is now on Twitter!

    And there is plenty to tweet about.

    • New challenges.
    • New writing posts.
    • Welcoming new users.
    • Giving regular shout-outs about our users accomplishments.

    The last two are possible only is we know your Twitter username. So, if you have one, consider adding it to your user profile. You can add it under Profile > Edit > Social Media.

    We’re keeping an eye on the hashtag #writinggroove. If you use it in regards to writing, don’t be surprised if we respond and retweet!