Writing and training like a Russian special forces soldier.

Posted on June 6, 2017

Lots of time in my life I was almost disciplined enough to not be disgusted with myself. I wanted very much to be like Murakami, ritually wake up at four A.M go for a long run, Then right a of weird pages. Maybe hang out with a cool wife, and call it a day. I could get to the gym a few times a week. And most weeks I could write for at least a few pages. I knew I wasn’t on pace to write a longer novel than, “Infinite Jest,” I wanted to. I would have cut myself in two, for the chance to be only half that disciplined writer guy. But instead I travelled through a decade of the underwolrd. And now if I wake up at 6 A.M it seems like I slept through half the day. I hated sleeping in, I hated being a couple legs behind in the race, But then again, what the Hell? I’ve been getting lapped my whole life anyway.

One day not long before the end of 2016 I woke up and realized I’d somehow become the disciplined writer guy on the back of book jackets. I have this app that is mostly a stop watch. I keep trying to write more words in ten minutes, Sometimes I make it, sometimes I don”t. The guy that wrote the book said if you keep following the instructions, before long you’ll be able to write five thousand words in an hour. Can you believe that?I couldn’t, But at the Tate I’m improving, I think I might have to eat my own shoe.

Around the same time this other book was passed my way. I can’t spell the guy’s name, but he is a famous strength coach, and he wrote a book filled with ways soldiers can train when all they have is enemy territory. A very interesting style of training, The book is called The Naked Warrior if anyone would like to try it.

I’m very happy to have stumbled onto this site, It had already inspired me to work even harder, and have more fun doing it. Hopefully I can give a little back.

My little brother is more ambitiious than Naopolean, He fully plans to get a feature version of the Roger short, in the can by the end of September, then finally get the fuck out of Detroit and over to L,A, Hopefully I can do the same.

I’ve been writing the Roger script, and it is one of those cool ones that seems to be mostly writing itself. It should be done by next week. Langston said he is all in, so maybe we will be able to find some investors and not go broke like we usually do.

The Skorupskas Brother’s Detroit trilogy: Valhalla Blues, Tiny Ocean, and Roger will be displayed on the upcoming streaming site, I believe it goes up June 25th. It’s s very cool idea, the guy who made the sight wants to give all these straight from the hip movies a platform, and he even puts in time to market them, I’ve learned a lot from that guy Sal,

Sorry to ramble. Got to get back to writing words like my pen is a machine gun.



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