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Around the age of five, my mom got sent to the clink on some trumped up charges. I was just a dumb kid with a stuttering problem. My dad knew how to rock and roll. Somehow he kept my three siblings and me alive, by driving a beer truck. We lived on the east side of Detroit. When she got released, my mom started a cleaning business. There I was, a twelve year old, out swinging mops every night. I started writing my own stories. I played a lot of basketball. I hung out a lot at the library. I watched a lot of movies. I moved to Texas. I drove a taxi across the country. I collected a few vices. I got a job as a foreclosed home inspector. There I was, running in abandoned, creepy houses in Detroit, taking pictures. I started making movies with my brother. I got a story published. We made one movie. Then we made another movie. After making a few music videos, I got a job as an editor. I helped keep the family cleaning business afloat with my little brother. Then I wrote. Then I edited.

My Favorite Books

Dermaphoria. The Cold Six Thousand. Calvin and Hobbes Collections.

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MOP SWINGERS(A man who can't see himself as anything but a glorious director, and his favorite movie star actor are going through the motions again

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