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Posted on June 30, 2017

My creative mind has been in what for it this year is overdrive, and this is a snip from my most recent new project. I’m three scenes in, and this bit is from scene two, my favorite scene so far. I’m going to clean this up a bit in later edits when I’m further into the wip and probably sprinkle bits of the information dropped in this scene into appropriate spots later on. I’ll tell you this: One of the things I love writing is scenes of affection between characters, no matter their sexual orientation, and they almost always turn out to be my favorite scenes in any project of mine. This is one such scene for my point of view character, Alethea.

After the last wisps of the nightmare faded away, leaving the wisps of her angels drifting in the corners of her eyes, Alethea twisted to pick up her little clock and set it back down after disabling the alarm. Just before four in the morning. As good a time as any. Still, she gently prodded Odonnis with reluctance.

“Donnis. Wake up.”

Really, she shouldn’t have let him stay so long. Servants would be in the corridor at this hour. She’d probably have to put spells of invisibility and silence on him before he left. A “waste” of power, but, as usual, she didn’t care. Piar had taken so much, the least She could do was let Alethea have the little joy of sharing her bed with her lover all night. If the alarm hadn’t been about to ring, she’d have snuggled into the blankets and wrapped herself around Odonnis for a little morning happiness.

When he only made a soft groan—not awake at all—Alethea gave her lover a harder shake. “Donnis. If you don’t go now, you won’t be able to avoid people.”

Odonnis groaned again, this time more loudly, and rolled over to hook his right arm around her waist, his elbow dipping into the space she’d made in her lap. He nuzzled her thigh, his stubbly chin and cheeks gently scraping her skin, and murmured nonsense sounds of protest. Softened by his behavior, she combed her fingers through his mostly-grey hair, her fingers catching in his curls. One year away, two more separated from him by that awful indoctrination. How had she ever lived so long without his love in her life? She thanked—not Piar—but she thanked whatever higher power had brought them together again that second time. Oh, she’d never wish him through the pain and depression he’d experienced when his younger daughter died, but she was still glad, in a deep, secret part of her heart, that his wife had disregarded him so in her own grief. Ciriah Tiaser, in her grief, had given Odonnis and Alethea a greater happiness than either of them would ever have had if they’d been left to live their lives without one another. The woman hadn’t deserved to die so young. Only thirty-nine.

“You must return to your quarters, dear.” But Alethea continued combing her fingers in her lover’s hair.

He bit her. She slapped the back of his head in retaliation for the gentle bite, and he rolled his head so he faced her abdomen.

“Oh, must I?”

“It’ll be challenging enough for you to get to your bedroom without your daughter noticing as it is, even with my spells to aid you.”

He grunted, pressing his forehead against Alethea’s thigh. “You’re right. By the Eternal Balance, why must she rouse every cursed servant in our apartment?”

But Odonnis pushed away from Alethea and rolled over to sit up. She leaned over to press a kiss to his back and then shifted to put her own feet on the floor as he rose. While he dressed in his previous evening’s clothing—messily—she donned her robe and lit the lamps around the bedroom. Together, each holding a lamp, with their hands clasped between them, Alethea and her lover moved through her chambers’ main room and to the front door. After sharing a lingering kiss that promised more when a better opportunity arose, she quickly flicked her fingers in the Signs that cast her spells of invisibility and silence upon him. To her eyes, a pale white glow filled the space where he stood. He opened the door, left it hanging wide, and swiftly departed in utter silence, leaving his lamp on the table beside the door, placed there for just that purpose. Performing her half of this morning ritual, Alethea grabbed the edge of the door and poked her head out into the corridor. In the shadows, she couldn’t see her spell, and her partial appearance startled a young servant bearing a basket before the girl averted her eyes.

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