Indie Publishing – Current Year

You’ve finished a story. Fantastic! Now, it’s time to get your work out there! Inspired by the Dean Wesley Smith “No Fear” challenge. NOTE: Because of how the points work, record multiple publications on different days (only 1 per day), or you won’t get the points you deserve. Additional Note: For this year, both long and short works are included in one challenge. As more people join in, we will look into dividing up long-work and short-work publishing.

Remember to announce the new releases in the Forward Motion forums!

1Profile photo of Warp Five Warp Five16
2Profile photo of Warp Four Warp Four11
3Profile photo of Warp Three Warp Three6
4Profile photo of Warp Two Warp Two4
5Profile photo of Warp One Warp One2
6Profile photo of NPhoenix NPhoenix2
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